Anti-decubitus matras met compressor


Prevent and cure bedsores (pressure sores) by automatically alternating pressure points

Enjoy an undisturbed night's sleep thanks to the quiet air pump.

The waterproof but breathable coating promotes the healing of bedsores.



€ 3,75 / day


Why an alternation mattress?

People who lie in bed a lot often develop bedsores, which are serious damage to the skin due to permanent pressure and reduced blood flow.

An anti-decubitus mattress prevents and heals bedsores (decubitus) by automatically alternating pressure points on the body, thus reducing pain while lying down. This quality specimen improves comfort for bedsores up to grade 3.

This alternating or anti-decubitus mattress consists of compartments that are alternately inflated and deflated. This happens extremely slowly and, above all, completely automatically. Thanks to this alternation, the same areas of the body are not subjected to pressure all the time. With each alternation, blood flow can be restored. As a result, there is no lack of oxygen anywhere and no further tissue damage.

The surface is made of easy-to-clean PU material and has a waterproof, antibacterial cover that you can completely unzip and wash at 90°C. After each rental, Zorgpunt professionally cleans the mattress, cover and all accessories.


Extra features

Sensors prevent the mattress from becoming too firm. In addition, the mattress has a convenient "nursing mode": all air pockets are inflated simultaneously to comfortably care for the patient. For emergencies, there is the CPR function: all air runs out of the mattress immediately so that resuscitation (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) can be started immediately.

Technical specifications:

  • this alternative mattress replaces the regular mattress (it is not a top-up mattress)
  • ideal for the care and treatment of bedsores up to grade 3
  • digitally adjustable pressure level: the alternating mattress automatically maintains the correct firmness
  • surface made of easy-to-clean PU material
  • removable cover washable at 90°C
  • dimensions: 200 x 83 x 12.5 cm + mattress base 4 cm thick
  • flow rate 8 l/min
  • additional nursing and emergency functions (CPR)
  • patient weight: from 40 to 180 kg