Toilet chair on wheels


Easily foldable and therefore easy to transport

Fold aside an armrest and sit smoothly sideways on the toilet chair.

The toilet seat gives a lot more privacy than a urinal or pee bottle.

Thanks to the tightly sealing lid, which so to speak sucks on the bowl, you will not be bothered by odors.

Thanks to the 4 wheels (2 with brake) easy to move or drive above the toilet.

€ 1,25 / day


Safe access to the toilet

When you lack the strength or balance to safely reach the smallest room, a toilet chair with bucket is a safe and hygienic solution. With this sturdy toilet seat near you, you can go to the toilet safely and independently.

Do you still have good legs, but find it difficult to use a regular toilet? You can use this toilet chair as a raised toilet seat to continue going to your existing toilet comfortably.

The quality toilet seat is made of easy-to-clean synthetic material that does not rust. In the middle of the seat is an opening, under which hangs an extendable po (toilet bucket). With the convenient lid you close it hermetically after use.

Technical specifications:

  • ergonomically shaped backrest
  • swivel armrests: convenient for sitting sideways on the chair
  • cover with water-repellent seat cushion
  • removable bucket holder, so you can place the chair above the toilet
  • supports a body weight of up to 130 kg
  • for hygiene reasons the bucket is not included: € 25